Phototherapy and homeostasis:  The primary aim of this new narrow band light technology is to influence homeostasis. (In this way performance and behavior are also influenced.)  "homeostasis" is the aim of virtually all health-arts and sciences.  It is the heart of wellness and wellbeing. (homeostasis)

Heart rate, blood pressure, mood, excitation, relaxation, and many other "behavior and performance" elements are influenced. (see speculation on light)

Narrow Band Light is an advance in phototherapy and light therapy. The new patented technology makes unique (low level -not bright) selected bands of light available for viewing. (see new instrument photographs)

For Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or the "winter blues", bright full spectrum light is viewed- a successful and recognized therapy (see references). For infant jaundice, special blue light is applied to the skin- a successful and widely-used therapy (see references).

It is in specific narrow bands of the visible light spectrum that additional "power" resides. Low-lux (low-level) specific light frequencies, rather than high-lux full spectrum, are used. Click here to see the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectum.

In a selection process, the viewer determines the specific frequency and adjusts the display rate based on a slowly displaying sine wave form. Low levels of the visible spectrum frequency are used: infrared and ultraviolet are not used.

There are various ways to produce narrow band light. One is to filter light from a broad spectrum lamp through precision optical band pass filters. (Colored glass, industrial glass, plastic filters, colored light bulbs, tinted glass, video monitors, and prisms make "colors" but don't produce narrow band light.) Band pass filters allow only certain light "bands" to "pass" through.

Restoration of homeostasis or favorable balance is the general aim of most "medicine", "healing arts", "therapy", "practices",  "medications" etc. The new narrow band light has profound implications in that it can strongly influence the organisim in easily measurable ways. (see various Internet homeostasis sites).

Low intensity, low level, low lux, dim light only is used. Bright light is not used. Flashing or flickering light is not used.

Note: The presentation of and use of narrow band light to influence behavior and performance is protected by U.S. Patents. Limited license for presentation and use of narrow band light is available to professionals in health care, vision care, psychological care, and other healing arts.