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Hello Mr. Bowers at
Georgia Power

Hello Mr. Fanning at
Southern Company:


School Tax Money Is For SCHOOLS...
NOT Your Power Plant !


Do you REALLY NEED to take School Money?

We think you don't...

We think schools need school money more
than you and your billion dollar companies do.

Every month, Georgia Power adds an extra nuclear construction surcharge to our schools' electric bills.

All over Georgia they TAKE Million$ of School money.

Schools need that money for schools!


We can debate the good-bad, do-donít of the Vogtle nuclear power plant, but who says it's a good idea to take our school money to build it?


We aim to amend the state law & electric tariffs to exempt schools from this wrong & shameful surcharge/surtax.

Maybe even a refund !


We tried in 2018 but Georgia Power sent in their swamp of lobbylizards to stop us.

Georgia Senate Bills #355 and #393 would have stopped taking more school tax money for a power plant.

Lobbylizards were successful and EVERY DAY Georgia Power keeps taking school money.

Of course it is WRONG. Every day it is WRONG !

Our statewide Georgia group needs YOUR HELP to protect school tax money from wrongful taking. 

What YOU can do NOW:

  1. Call and Ask Your District Representative and Senator about this school tax money taken.
    Find Your Senator
    Find Your Representative

  2. Share this page with others, especially teachers, friends in education, superintendents, and everyone in PTA.

  3. Plan now to outvote and outinfluence the swamp of Georgia Power lobbylizards in 2019.


A MILLION DOLLARS a year surcharge is taken from APS by Georgia Power for their nuclear plant.



$30,000 taken yearly from Dade County Schools


$271,000 taken yearly from Chatham County Schools


$95,000 taken yearly from Richmond County Schools


$1,700,000 taken yearly from Gwinnett Schools


A small Georgia school district reported it could have hired a teacher with the taken money.

Chatham County could have hired four teachers.


All over Georgia, a "Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery" surcharge is taken from schools...Every month.


What is the Surcharge ?

It's like a tax, an added 9 % extra every month on your and the school's electric bill.

Look for the "Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery" NCCR on your home electric bill.


Just think, PTA moms and dads work to raise $528 for a school library.

The next month, Georgia Power takes $833 from the school for their power plant...and the next month...and the next month...and the next...



How did the surcharge start ?

Georgia Power pushed through a law in 2009 that forces customers to pay the surcharge.

"The Georgia Nuclear Energy Finance Act of 2009" aka SB 31 of 2009


This is an important local issue. You and I can do something about it. ...We have until January, 2019 to get it going.

We can ask ...insist... that the state legislature amend the law to exempt schools.

Your local senator and representative can vote this session to amend the law.

They need to know you want it done.

Call them. Leave your message.  Send an e-mail. They will listen.

Link to Your Georgia Lawmakers

Find your local Representative Click

Find your local Senator  Click

They need to know that you want to end the surtax on schools.

See the "Sample Letter"


Tell others about 

 Send to...

Every Teacher You Know!

PTA Members


Your local Representative

Your local Senator

Your local school Superintendent

Remember: Who says it's a good idea for a private company to take school tax money for a power plant ?


Stop Taking School Money

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Download and print the Bright Yellow "Help Help" Save School Money handout in .pdf format.

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