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The Idealistic Adventurer

George Sossenko




Idealistic Adventurer




Atlanta Author and Veteran For Peace Fought Fascists in Spain, Nazis in North Africa and in Italy

New book is now translated to English: The Idealistic Adventurer

Author George Sossenko who as a young man of 16 literally ran away from home to fight Fascism and Nazism. Hes now in his 90's and still actively demonstrates, and speaks for peace.

Recounting extraordinary experiences, George began writing his life story in Spanish at 82.  Chapters covering the prelude to the Spanish civil war through the defeat of the axis have been published in Spain by the prestigious de Castilla-La Mancha University Press. 

The complete version "The Idealistic Adventurer" is now available in English.

Readers interested in social, political, and military history including true adventure will be well satisfied with the fast reading 530 pages of "The Idealistic Adventurer".

George was born in Odessa, Russia and lived his childhood years in Paris. At 16, he literally ran away from home to Spain to join the fight against Fascist Franco.  He was so young that only the anarchist forces would have him.  As Hitler threatened France, his family moved to Argentina to escape European militarism. 

He survived battles as a brigadista in Spain and then joined Free French forces in north Africa.  In Tunisia he was deeply burned in a tank battle by a German shell. He recovered in a military hospital in Tunis, and then George was reassigned with the Free French Infantry attached to the U.S. 5th Army that was advancing east. 

Although heavily scarred, he had sufficiently healed to be in the landing forces that entered Italy south of Naples.  Later George entered Rome with the first units of the 5th Army and was selected to meet with the pope.

The military chapters are extensive and detailed, yet they are only a part of this exciting life story. 

George took to arms only to fight Fascists and Nazis and committed his life to antimilitarism and pro-peace.

After WWII, he joined his family in Argentina.  In one adventure described in the book, on the day Dictator Juan Peron's wife Eva Peron died, he and several other men were arrested, roughed up and put in prison for laughing and singing to celebrate.  

After his release from prison, George moved to Brazil and led a large mining expedition into the Amazon jungle.  The chapters recounting this ghost and superstition filled struggle are true to life adventure.  After months in remote Amazon territory, he returned to Rio de Janeiro literally penniless and was taken in by a friend.

George joined the Michelin tire company as a development engineer for heavy machine, truck, and bus tires.  He moved to the U.S. where he led work to introduce the Michelin brand for passenger cars. A chapter tells of bringing French test drivers to Nevada, where there were no highway speed limits, to run the tires very fast on American cars!  In recent years George consulted worldwide, developing tire production and several large tire retreading plants.

There is much much more in George's fast reading book.  If you want to charge up your own sense of commitment to live your life with commitment you will find it in reading about George's amazing, exciting, and inspiring life!

A man of conscience ...commitment
 ...passion ...history ...action ...adventure.
  Living big. 

A life burning for dignity and freedom.

The Idealistic Adventurer
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