This is the Georgia

The new power plant is years late and
Thousands of Millions over budget.

Southern Company has taken Billions from Georgia Citizens for their massive disaster.

And now company executives have the gall to say to us that they are pushing ahead of schedule.

...Georgia Citizens we are being snookerd by Billions of dollars.

The Southern Company takes millions from school districts to fund their private financial, legal, and social disaster: nuclear plant Vogtle.


For example, Atlanta Public Schools pays a nuclear construction surcharge

...about $1,000,000 a year...

directly to Georgia Power for their way Way WAY over budget nuclear project.

With the surtax money they had to pay, one small Georgia school district reported it could have hired a teacher!


Even if you are for nuclear powered electricity,
are you for taking school's money
to build a private company's plant?

...probably not...


How many thousands is YOUR school district paying each month in surcharge to Georgia Power?

[See more on this below]



What is the VogtleVortex ?

Every month a nuclear construction surcharge is added to your local school electric bill to pay in advance for nuclear Plant Vogtle. You get surcharged too.


Taking the money, the company is making more profit than ever and gives executives big salaries and bonuses.


Find the surcharge on your power bill.
It's named, "Nuclear Cost Recovery," and is about 8%. A similar charge is on school's bills.


In February, nearly $9,500 was taken from the Richmond County School System to pay in advance for Plant Vogtle. 
...They are in the Vogtle Vortex.


Vogtle Vortex = a massive money pit for electric rate payers in Georgia.



It is simple:

1)  You pay taxes for schools.

2)  With your tax money, schools pay a surcharge on their electric bill.

3)  Surcharge goes to power company for building Plant Vogtle ...and for
salaries and bonuses.



Some say the Vogtle Vortex is the GREATEST financial disaster in Georgia since the failure of Confederate money.

Think of it... MILLIONS of SCHOOL TAX DOLLARS ... flowing into the Vortex.


YooHoo, Mr. Bowers...YooHoo, Mr. Fanning... With the new federal $Billions you're getting from the energy department, do you really need to keep taking school money from Georgia Schools ?


PowerCo Picks Pockets...


EnergyWire: Friday, April 8, 2016

ATLANTA -- Everything that Georgia Power wants anyone to know about its Plant Vogtle nuclear expansion project can be summed up in this comment from its chief executive officer: "Every dollar and every day that has been invested has been necessary to complete these new units safely and correctly. Our reports will establish that the new units could not have been built for less money or in less time than it has taken." 

.Im fairly sure that if they were using 100% of their own/investors money rather than your or my money they would have looked at the numbers differently and not built at all.


This should STOP.

This should stop in 2018


How did it start?


The power company got a law passed that forces customers to pay in advance for a new nuclear power plant Vogtle.

Ref: The Georgia Nuclear Energy Finance Act of 2009
aka SB 31 of 2009


...Now morphed into a staggering, massive mushrooming, financial and legal disaster...The largest ever in Georgia and one of the largest in the United States


The hallmarks of VogtleVortex are
 embarrassing mismanagement,
 breathtaking cost overrun,
conflicting reports,
executive bonus.


Amend that law in 2018 so NO MORE SCHOOL MONEY
for nuclear surcharge.


AMEND the law in 2018. Save school money from the "Vogtle Vortex."



Ask your local
Representative and Senator
to amend the law in 2018 !




If company executives had to use their stockholders' money, they'd run like roaches when you snap on the light !


Company executives promote Vogtle, because they get to gamble school money; elder money; county money, church, homeless shelter, meals on wheels money; police station money, tire store money, but.... not company money.


Power company lobbyists snookered the legislature, the governor, and the PSC.




Where is our PSC?


Asleep at the wheel, our elected Georgia Public Service Commissioners are driving us deeper into this financial disaster.



We can amend the law in 2018, so private corporations can't take school money for their Vogtle Vortex:
Looney Tunes cost overrun,
Three Stooges
Twilight Zone accounting,
Pinocchio reporting and testimony.





Your elected local representative will want to help.

Be sure you ask them.

"Let's exempt schools from paying for the power company's new nuclear plant." 

SAVE School Money
from the VORTEX





In September, 2016, they took $3,000 from Dade County School System.

In February, they took nearly $9,500 from Richmond County School System for Georgia Power's Vortex.

This goes on every month !

See for yourself:


How to stop this nonsense?

Ask your state house and senate representatives to
amend that law in 2018,
so that NO MORE school money goes to a private company nuclear plant.




Wake up your representatives at the legislature. Ask them to amend the law so that schools will not be made to pay any more for the power company's VogtleVortex.

 SEND Web site to all your Georgia friends.





While taking YOUR money and SCHOOLS' MONEY,

Power Company made more profit than ever.

In 2015, power company paid CEO T. Fanning
$ 41,000 a day.

In 2016, power company paid him over
$ 52,000 a day.

 [Perhaps he's not even there full time. He works another job too, at the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank.]



Contact VogtleVortex by email

71     ( at )


The bottom line:

Who thinks it's ok for the power company to take school money to build their nuclear plant?




Not one more cent of school money for the Vogtle Vortex