Georgia Power is taking School Tax Money to build its new power plant.


School Money Is For SCHOOLS...
NOT A New Power Plant !



Schools need the school money.

You can help your school now

Georgia Power adds a nuclear construction surcharge to our schools' electric bills...every month.

The money is taken for their private profit... million$ a year.

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You can help change the law that lets Georgia Power take school tax money for its own profit.

Call and Ask Your District Representative and Senator about the school tax money situation.
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Share this page with others... teachers, friends in education, superintendents, and PTA.

Act now to dry out the swamp of Georgia Power LobbyLizards.

This is happening NOW in Georgia:

A MILLION DOLLARS a year surcharge is taken from Atlanta Public Schools by Georgia Power for their nuclear plant.



$30,000 taken yearly from Dade County Schools


$271,000 taken yearly from Chatham County Schools


$95,000 taken yearly from Richmond County Schools


$1,700,000 taken yearly from Gwinnett Schools


A small Georgia school district reported it could have hired a teacher with the taken money.

Chatham County could have hired four teachers.

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PTA moms & dads work to raise $528 for the  school library.

Next month, Georgia Power takes $833 from the school for their power plant...and the next month...and the next month...and the next...


What is the Surcharge ?

It's like a tax, an added 9 % extra every month on the school's electric bill...and on your electric bill, too.

Look for the "Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery" [NCCR] on your home electric bill.




This is a local issue. You and I can do something about it. ...We have until February, 2019, to get it going.

We can ask ...insist... that OUR state legislature change the law to stop Georgia Power from taking school tax money for their new power plant.

Your local senator and representative can vote to amend the law.

They need to know you want it done.

Call them.
Leave your message. 
Send an e-mail. They will listen.

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They need to know that you want to end the surtax on schools.

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Georgia Power, Stop Taking School Money!


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