Do you want your school tax money to be used to build a new private company power plant?


Of course not!


Millions That Are Paid
in Georgia S
chool Taxes
Are Being Taken to Build Plant Vogtle

Georgia School Tax Dollars

Are For Schools

Not to subsidize a private profit project


With their "special surcharge" on the electric bill, Georgia Power and other Georgia power companies get school tax money to build their new power plant, Plant Vogtle.


Whatever your views on Plant Vogtle, you will likely consider subsidizing a power plant with school taxes as misuse and wrong.


How does this happen?

A special extra nuclear construction surcharge is tacked on to schools' and almost everyone's electric bills. [picture below]  This is not for electricity, it is an add-on that gives extra money to the company.


How much are they taking from Georgia schools?


Over 5 million school dollars is taken every year from just 7 of the many Georgia counties. Yes, your school district pays too.


$30,000 taken yearly from Dade County Schools

$271,000 taken yearly from Chatham County Schools

$95,000 taken yearly from Richmond County Schools

$1,700,000 taken yearly from Gwinnett Schools

A small Georgia school district reported it could have hired a teacher with the taken money.

Chatham County could have hired four teachers.

$1,000,000 taken yearly from APS Atlanta Public Schools.


Money is taken from your school district schools too.

Parents work to raise $528 for the school library.  Then next month, Georgia Power takes $879 from the school for their power plant...and the next month...and the next month...and the next... taking school money for a power plant is wrong and should STOP.

What is the Surcharge ?

It's like a tax, 10 % extra added every month on the school's electric bill...and on your home electric bill, too.

Find the "Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery" [NCCR] on your electric's have it too.

"Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery"

A sample letter [below] can help you tell in writing or by calling your representative and senator that you want school money taking stopped.

Tell others about

What to do to correct this?

The law that Georgia Power wrote that lets them take school money for plant Vogtle can be changed.

You can tell your local District Representative and Senator your view on school tax money redirected for a power plant.

Share this information and your view of this with your local school district Superintendent.

Share this page with teachers, friends in education, superintendents, PTA, and other taxpayers.


"It's the most expensive power plant in the world"

And it's being subsidized with school money !

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Sample Message
for Letter or a Phone Call


Dear [Senator / Representative],

This is to ask you to help get our schools free of the special “Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery” surcharge that is on the school electric bill.

Whatever your views on Plant Vogtle, redirecting school tax money... for this non-school project needs to stop!

With schools all over our state already having to cut back in so many areas – it is wrong that MILLIONS OF SCHOOL DOLLARS are taken every year to be used on a private project.

Recently, the Georgia state attorney general's office and a lawyer for Georgia Power noted that state law, as written, mandates that the money "Shall" be taken.

Let's please amend that law to exempt schools before more millions are taken.

The law ought to read school money shall NOT be taken!

For the future of our young people, teachers, and schools, it is imperative that schools not be burdened by special surtax charges on their power bills.

I think more Georgians would agree with this than on most any other issue! It should not be a difficult legislative lift to give our schools a break.

Thank you for your consideration.

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