Georgia Power's Vogtle Venture shamefully and astonishingly taking school money FOR 12 YEARS

Since 2011, Millions in school tax dollars directed to finance the private profit venture. The UGLY GEORGIA STORY IS HERE.


Local Georgia school tax money is being used to finance Georgia Power's nuclear reactor Vogtle Venture!

By special law made in 2009 just for Georgia Power,  SURCHARGES are put on electric bills with the money going to help power company owners build their new reactor so they can then sell electricity to schools at a profit.

Note: The monthly surcharges have gone on YEARS LONGER than originally proposed because of delaying mistakes ...made by the company and their contractors.
They make mistakes and DELAY
then they expect CUSTOMERS to pay.

Now, after millions taken by the surcharge, reactor owners expect the Georgia Public Service Commission to get them get even more school money.


By having the 5-member public service commission put the hugely costly construction mistakes into the rate base where we and schools, not the owners, pay for mistakes.

This allows the owners to recover the costs of their BILLIONS IN mistakes and THEN PROFIT ON MISTAKES.

Yes, schools will then pay for Georgia Power's mistakes and be required to pay profits on the mistakes. 

W A Y   B E Y O N D

How did this happen ?

1.   By the crazy 2009 Georgia law, State, County, City governments, and schools are paying tax money into free financing the private for profit venture.

2.   Money is also taken disgracefully from elderly customers.

3.   Some of the money we give to charities (meals on wheels, food banks, PTA, churches, homeless shelters, etc.) is taken by surcharge on their electric bills for the venture.

4.   All Georgia Power customers pay the surcharge and, as it is clear now, will get nothing in return for the money but higher priced electricity.  


See your Georgia Power electric bill. A construction cost recovery surcharge is added to finance building the Vogtle Venture nuclear power plant

What ?

Usually when you put money in a company for a construction venture, you get stock, a bond, interest, an option, or some kind of repayment note. For this ....nothing.

Even people swindled by Bernie Madoff got 70% of their money back!

Find the "Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery" [NCCR] on your electric bill. This is what they are taking from schools and you for nothing.


The taking started in January, 2011, making TWELVE YEARS OF TAKING MONEY FOR FREE...


The Now-Vanished Theory:

The original justification for the special interest Georgia law that takes our money to finance Vogtle Venture

 3&4, was that: with two new Vogtle nuclear power plants, electric generation would be so cheap that electric bills would go down.

---Future Benefit for Paying a surcharge now.--- Wrong Then and Untrue Now:

There are big problems.

1.   Lower electric bills are NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

2.   Even if lower bills were to happen, elderly people wouldn't live long enough, or have already died, and won't recover what they paid in. This is extra ugly.

3.   Schools: The losses in education experience and learning can't be recaptured. A shameful disgrace.

4.   The company doing the billing today, predicated on cheaper power, knows that the billed parties will not get lower rates later to compensate for the present extra charges. 

5.   The years of delays caused mostly by bumbling, redesigns, original vendor bankruptcy, missing safety inspection records, tearout and do-overs, defective/non working parts, and yes, COVID delays have added years to the monthly surcharge taking. [They weren't supposed to take the free money for 12 extra years but the free money is good]


BE CLEAR ON THIS: We are FOR Men and Women power company workers on the power poles and in the plants. They are NOT THE ONES who snookered the legislature to make people finance the private venture.






SHAMEFUL more information below:




How does it happen?

With low-ball cost numbers (14Billion), in 2009, Georgia Power shaped and promoted a state law letting them take school tax money from school districts [and all customers] and use it to finance their new private power plant.

Since 2011, the money is taken by a special electric surcharge: as much as 10% added to schools' [everyone's] electric bills. [see picture below.]  The surcharge is not for electricity. It redirects school tax money to a private venture.

They take your money for free, you get nothing for it, and they use it to finance a power plant to make electricity that they will sell to you at a profit. 


How much is taken ?

Since Jan 1, 2011, MILLIONS are taken every year:

Examples reported earlier in Georgia news:

$30,000 taken yearly from Dade County Schools

$271,000 taken yearly from Chatham County Schools

$95,000 taken yearly from Richmond County Schools

Several years ago it was determined by forensic accounting that OVER $3,300,000 was taken from Dekalb County Schools...and it continues.

Hundreds of thousands are taken yearly from Atlanta Public Schools.

A small Georgia school district reported it could have hired a teacher with the taken money.

A superintendent commented that he could have hired two bus drivers.

Chatham County could have hired four teachers.

What about your local PTA?

So your PTA raises $528 for the school library.  The next month, the power company takes by surcharge $743, ...and the next month,...and the next,...and the next...

What You Can Do ?

Not much now.  We've been snookered and the money is gone.

According to Georgia Power, the reactors are nearing completion and licensed operation. Meaning the surcharges are almost over.


Next Georgia Power wants you/us to pay for their BILLIONS IN MISTAKES


they want us to PAY A PROFIT ON MISTAKES.



Call, e-mail, or write your representative and senator to let them know you want Georgia Power to pay for their own mistakes.

The Next Big Thing With the Troubled Vogtle Venture is





Sample Message


Dear [Senator / Representative],

Georgia Power Vogtle Venture owners should pay for their mistakes, not customers.

Georgia Power has made nice profits all along while we have been paying surcharges.

They have made enough in profits to pay for their mistakes.

Find Your Senator

Find Your Representative


Do something "... you do what you can - you don't have to do something heroic, just something. Join with others who will just do something, because all of those somethings, at certain points in history, come together, and make the world better."

Vogtle Venture History Pages    

More History

Detailed Depth History and References -This is a good one!


Maybe your Senator is on The Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee. 

This is where the Georgia Power lobby is strong: and is where they want us to pay for their mistakes and pay a profit on the mistakes.

Bill Cowsert, Chairman  Athens

Tonya Anderson, Lithonia

Matt Brass, Vice Chairman  Newnan

Gloria Butler, Stone Mountain

Frank Ginn  Danielsville

Steve Gooch  Dahlonega

John Kennedy, Secretary  Macon

David Lucas, Sr.

Butch Miller  Gainesville

Jeff Mullis  Chickamuga

Michael Rhett


Help Help !
Save YOUR and OUR Money

"It's the most expensive power plant in the world"

And ifinanced with school money and elderly retirement money ! 

A snooker on Georgia !

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Vogtle Money Summary for Students,
Teachers, School Executives, SchoolTaxpayers


Even the people swindled by dead scammer Bernie Madoff got 70% of their money back!


Over the last ten years the elderly and schools have lost much money to the troubled costly-mistakes at Vogtle Venture.  Maybe we need to look for a clawback of the millions.

This 8 year ago news item is worth a read.
Estimated Venture cost then was 14 billion. Today it is almost exactly double...and still going up.


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