1.   Georgia Public Tax Money is being used to finance Georgia Power's Troubled New Plant Vogtle Vortex. Georgia Power is getting tax money for free.

Yes, this is true.


2.   Money is taken from elderly customers and given to Georgia Power for free financing their new power plant. See below:


3.   On power bills money is taken from schools ...our school tax money... and given to Georgia Power for the new power plant. See below:


4.   Some of the money we give to charities... meals on wheels, food banks, churches, homeless shelters, is taken by a special charge on their electric bills, then used to finance the private profit project. See below:


5.   This Web site focuses on school money that is taken...

However, keep in mind the special surcharge to help out Georgia Power with the new power plant is ON EVERYONE'S ELECTRIC BILL. YEAH...YOURS...and given free to a big company to finance their project.



Georgia Cuts Budgets for Teachers, Schools, Public Service Activities, Civic Needs...

BUT NOT CUTTING THE MILLIONS in Georgia tax money going to finance the troubled, private Vogtle Vortex.


The Vogtle Vortex is an investor owned for profit enterprise.
Scarce tax money is being directed for free to finance it.

How wrong is that?







Not not not....


Also keep in mind that Georgia's elderly are really getting ripped off...

Elderly are paying extra on their power bills to help finance Plant Vogtle Vortex. Many have died already before they could reap the touted benefits they were forced to advance pay for. 

Other now-living elderly will be dying before the plant starts and before it pours out the touted benefits of lower cost electricity. Elderly are forced to pay NOW for something they will never get. 

How wrong is that?

How did this mess happen?   Answer below:

Note to 2020 Georgia State Legislature:

Do the right thing:

Support SB 112
 Support HB 1031


End the financial burden on schools that the 2009 legislature put on schools.


UPDATE: HB 1031 was put into a subcommittee by pressure from those who think our tax money should be used to help finance a private project.

Consider: If Georgia Power does not get our tax money to help finance their Vogtle Vortex, then [...horror...shock...] they might need to borrow the money or issue stock or bonds to get it.



The Vogtle Vortex started getting school money [everyone's money] in January, 2011, making NINE YEARS OF TAKING,... and it continues today in 2020.



How does it happen?

In 2009, Georgia Power shaped a state law letting them take school tax money from school districts [all customers] and use it to finance their new private power plant.

Since 2011, the money is taken by a special electric surcharge: about 10% added to schools' [everyone's] electric bills. [see picture below.]  The surcharge is not for electricity. It redirects school tax money to a private project.

They take your money for free, you get nothing for it, and they use it to finance a power plant to make electricity that they will sell to you at a profit. 


How much is taken ?

Since Jan 1, 2011, MILLIONS are taken every year:

Examples reported in Georgia news:

$30,000 taken yearly from Dade County Schools

$271,000 taken yearly from Chatham County Schools

$95,000 taken yearly from Richmond County Schools

OVER $3,300,000 taken from Dekalb County Schools.

Hundreds of thousands are taken yearly from Atlanta Public Schools.

A small Georgia school district reported it could have hired a teacher with the taken money.

A superintendent commented that he could have hired two bus drivers.

Chatham County could have hired four teachers.

What about your local PTA?

So your PTA raises $528 for the school library.  The next month, the power company takes by surcharge $743, ...and the next month,...and the next,...and the next...


Good grief! Is the power company so hard up for money that they need to take our school money ?

When you put money in a company for a construction project, typically, you get stock, a bond, or some kind of repayment note. For the power plant's surcharge, however, you and your school get nothing but higher electric rates. Even the people swindled by Bernie Madoff got 70% of their money back!

Find the "Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery" [NCCR] on your electric bill. This is what schools are paying, too.

"Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery"


What You Can Do

Call, e-mail, or write your representative and senator to let them know you want SCHOOL MONEY FOR SCHOOLS, NOT FOR FINANCING A POWER PLANT
...Support SB 112
...Support HB 1031.

Call, e-mail, or write your school superintendent to let him or her know you want SCHOOL MONEY FOR SCHOOLS, NOT FOR FINANCING A POWER PLANT.

Share this page with teachers, friends in education, PTA, and other taxpayers.

See sample message below.


Sample Message


Dear [Senator / Representative],

This is to ask you to help get our schools free of the special “Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery” surcharge that is added to the school electric bill.

Whatever your views on Plant Vogtle, redirecting school money...school tax money... for this non-school project needs to stop!

With schools all over our state already having to cut back in so many areas, it is WRONG that MILLIONS OF SCHOOL DOLLARS are taken every year to be used on a private project.

Please keep school money for schools.

For the future of our young people, teachers, and schools, it is imperative that schools not be burdened by special surtax charges on their power bills.

I think more Georgians would agree with this than on most any other issue! It should not be a difficult legislative lift to give our schools a break.

Thank you for your supporting "School Money Is For Schools."

Find Your Senator

Find Your Representative


Do something "... you do what you can - you don't have to do something heroic, just something. Join with others who will just do something, because all of those somethings, at certain points in history, come together, and make the world better."

History Pages    

More History

Six education-minded Georgia Senators introduced Senate Bill 112 to stop school tax money subsidizing Plant Vogtle. [More on this below]

SB 112 is now in the Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee to be considered in the 2020 legislative session.

Ask your senator and representative to support SB 112: "School Money for Schools!"

In the meantime, school tax money continues to flow into the Vogtle Vortex.


2020 Senate Bill 112  Sponsors: 

These are Georgia Senators standing up for schools,  students, teachers. They deserve your thanks, encouragement, and support on this:

L. Tippins  37 Marietta

B. Cowsert  46 Athens

C. Hufstetler  52 Rome

G. Kirk  13 Americus

E. Black  8 Valdosta

R. Unterman  45 Buford

Maybe your Senator is on The Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee:

Bill Cowsert, Chairman  Athens

Matt Brass, Vice Chairman  Newnan

John Kennedy, Secretary  Macon

Ed Harbison  Columbus

P.K. Martin  Lawrenceville

Lindsey Tippins  Marietta

John Albers  Roswell

Frank Ginn  Danielsville

Steve Gooch  Dahlonega

Steve Henson  Stone Mountain

Jack Hill  Reidsville

David Lucas  Macon

Butch Miller  Gainesville

Jeff Mullis  Chickamuga


WABE News item on SB 112

Reference: SB 112




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