Schools pay but some get a pass
and don't pay the surtax
as schools do

Schools are on the standard “firm rate” for electric service. Firm rates include the NCCR (Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery) surcharge. SCHOOLS PAY EXTRA for Vogtle with school tax money.

Large electric customers that are on “marginal rates,” such as time-of-use and real-time-pricing rates, do not pay the NCCR charge on their bills nor do they make any contribution to capital costs. Large industrial and commercial customers may get a small fraction (10% to 30%) of their electric service on a firm rate, but the rest of their electric service is under a marginal rate. If a large industrial customer gets 80% of their electric service on a marginal rate they don’t really care about paying the NCCR charge and capital cost on the small firm portion of their bill. It is a huge savings for them, and they eventually will get the benefit of the Vogtle 3 and 4 generation.

The large industrial and commercial customers have been silent for years about the waste and cost overruns at Vogtle because they don’t really pay for the overruns.


Please remember...

The surcharge was not the idea of the many excellent, dedicated men and women at the power company who have built the good reputation of the company and "do their work on the streets." 

The surcharge is the scheme of big pay/big bonus executives "in the suites."



Month after month, the power company takes school tax money.

Every month delayed means more school money taken...

Years late...YEARS of taking money from schools.


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