Sample Message
for Letter or a Phone Call


Dear [Senator / Representative],

This is to ask you to help get our public schools free of the special “Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery” surcharge that is on the school electric bill.

Whatever your views on Plant Vogtle, taking school money for this non-school project is WRONG!

With schools all over our state already having to cut back in so many areas – it is especially wrong that MILLIONS OF SCHOOL DOLLARS are taken every year to be used on a private project.

Recently, the Georgia state attorney general's office and a lawyer for Georgia Power noted that state law, as written, mandates that the money "Shall" be taken.

Let's please amend that law to exempt schools before more millions are taken.

For the future of our young people, teachers, and schools, it is imperative that schools not be burdened by these special charges on their power bills.

I think more Georgians would agree with this than on most any other issue! It should not be a difficult legislative lift to give our schools a break.

Thank you for your consideration.



Amend "The Georgia Nuclear Energy Finance Act of 2009" aka SB 31 of 2009 to exempt schools.