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His Book: The Idealistic Adventurer
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George Sossenko

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Idealistic Adventurer
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A man of conscience ...commitment
 ...passion ...history ...action ...adventure.
  Living big. 

A life burning for dignity and freedom.

To Spain to fight Fascism at 16.  His 530 page autobiography is fast, exciting detailed; telling of childhood in 1920's Paris; soldiering with Brigadistas against Franco; scarring fire injury from a German shell in a north Africa tank battle; prison in Argentina for speaking against Peron; mining exploration in Brazilian jungles; loves, alcohol, fast cars, and living in America. Chapters about the Spanish Civil War and WWII were earlier published in Spain as: "Aventurero Idealista".

The Idealistic Adventurer
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The Sossenko family flees the Russian revolution in 1917, first to Berlin then to Left Bank Paris. Growing up among White Russians and left intellectuals, George Sossenko, at 16, joins the good fight in Spain as a member of the French Brigade, against Fascist Franco. Rescuing young George from near-certain death in the fascist victory, the family flees once again, this time from the Nazi monster, to Argentina. Soon George is back in uniform fighting with the Free French and English in North Africa then the U.S. Fifth Army in Italy and France, surviving but leaving many a friend on the battlefield. His return to Argentina and eventual engagement in the business world follows the war. His adventures in this arena are often as hair-raising as the war years.

The Idealistic Adventurer
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George Sossenko, a man of conscience, commitment, passion, action, and adventure, died Thursday, March 14, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Many people from all walks of life knew and loved George. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.  

George was born in Odessa Russia.  As a child, he moved with his family to Germany and then to Paris. 

At 16, George enlisted in the Durruti Column of the International Brigades to fight against fascism in the Spanish Civil War.  During World War II, George served with French forces in North Africa and with the U.S. Fifth Army in Italy and France. 

George’s autobiography was published in Spanish at the University de Castillo as Aventurero Idealista and in English as The Idealistic Adventurer. His book is an academic resource for the Spanish Civil War and details his experiences in both the Spanish Civil War and WWII. He was a guest speaker in many college classrooms about his experience as a brigidista.

After WWII, George moved to Argentina, where he was jailed for speaking out out against the dictator Juan Peron. George was educated as a mechanical engineer and worked for Michelin in Argentina and other South American countries. He earned an aviation license and was an active member of a flying club in Tucuman. He developed a sugar cane plantation and led a diamond mining company in a remote area of Brazil.

George moved to the United States, where he supervised radial tire development for American passenger cars and managed tire applications for heavy vehicles.  Later, he consulted internationally in tire manufacturing.  His hobby was mechanical automation, and he imported and collected jukeboxes.

George married Bernice Bass, affectionately calling her “Birdie.”  George and Bernice often traveled together internationally on purchasing trips for her store, Norman's, and tire manufacturing consulting trips.

George was fluent in six languages and was often asked to help host international guests in Atlanta. George and Bernice were guests of the Spanish government during recent memorials of the Spanish Civil War.

He was an atheist who believed in, and stood for, human dignity, fairness, and equality. He was a sponsor in AA for many years and served as president of the Georgia Veterans for Peace.

George is survived by his wife Bernice Bass of Atlanta, a sister in California, a grandson, and two granddaughters in Tucuman, Argentina.

His family and friends will miss this remarkable man. George loved and well lived his life.


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